Who we are

Make Lemonade works with global and startup brands alike to deliver marketing results at scale. Using authentic ingredients we get businesses noticed by their target audience and Google.

We don’t care too much for vanity numbers. We care about helping your brand dominate your space and deliver a long lasting return on your investment.

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Where it all began

Make Lemonade was born out of necessity. Building our own content site brands from the ground up we faced a challenge. There were no quality agencies that purely focused on helping small content site brands get off the ground.

After years of not being able to find exactly the kind of service we wanted, we decided to do it ourselves. With agency backgrounds and a pitcher full of entrepreneurship, co-founders Mark Mars and Adam Smith built Make Lemonade to first serve their own content brands and, when the recipe was right, launched it to the content site community.

Now, Make Lemonade serves some of the world’s biggest brands whilst staying true to its roots – helping small content brands scale rapidly.

Make Lemonade knows how to get results, we don’t just talk about growing businesses; we have been there and done it ourselves building from scratch and then selling multiple content brands in excess of six figures. Make Lemonade itself is a testament to that too, growing to over 170 employees in its first 2 years.

Mark & Adam

Why the name, Make Lemonade?

A nod to where we began, we work with lots of entrepreneurs looking to launch new brands. For many, especially in the US, a person’s first taste of entrepreneurship comes in the form of a lemonade stand. Making Lemonade is about making money and growing a business.

These same entrepreneurs are often looking to escape a day job that they don’t see a long-term future with. Our customers are looking to make a positive change in their lives. If life gives you lemons, Make Lemonade!

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Meet our team

The team that makes Make Lemonade couldn’t taste sweeter. We’re a talented bunch. Our incredible team of strategists, creators, consultants and journalists are informed by data to deliver robust, outcome-driven results for our customers.






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Meet The Team
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Brands we’ve worked with

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