Ever wished you could find a white label service that provides a really high level of service for a great price that’s run by leading SEOs? Look no further.

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At Make Lemonade we don’t follow, we lead. Our founders run their own 6-figure website portfolios and are regularly asked to share their industry knowledge on other media outlets, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

And now we’ve opened up our agency so that you can deliver the same industry leading products to your own customers.

We believe we offer the most comprehensive Digital PR service for digital agencies. The service we offer is truly hands-off. You add whatever margin you want to our low prices and collect the revenue each month.

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Why White Label with Make Lemonade?

More time to focus on growing your agency

Managing staffing and capacity can be hard when running an agency. Business can be spikey. How do you know when the right time is to hire? One way to combat this is through a flexible workforce of freelancers but managing that whole process comes with its challenges too and is a huge time drain.

Forget about those challenges and focus on growing your agency. We’ll provide you with one point of contact for all your customer’s needs. No more coordinating a handful of freelancers. We’re your one-stop shop, delivering services to a high standard and on time every month.

Emulate us!

We deliver first-class products to our customers. What we offer is different from many of our competitors. Truly excellent work from leading SEOs that walk the walk, which is demonstrated by the success they’ve had with their own 6-figure website portfolios.

As a result, customers see results and as a consequence, they stick around. We grew to 170+ people in our first 24 months offering these services and now you can offer them to your customers too.

Professional In-house PRs

Our team of PRs are all native English speaking and based in the UK. We train our team to write killer journalist copy that top tier journalists love.

Your price, your choice

We provide a fixed cost for our products so that you know exactly how much profit you are making on each customer. You chose how much you want to charge the service out to your customers and define your own margin.

Our products are awesome value meaning that you can still charge a fair rate to your customers and make a healthy profit.

A dedicated account manager

When partnering with Make Lemonade, you’ll have a single point of contact who’s ready to help you with queries or specific customer requests. We’re always happy to jump on a video call to talk through options or put together a strategy.

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Need industry leading white label services?

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Why Make Lemonade?

We are laser focused on the return on investment. We’ve crafted a highly efficient way through relationships and processes to land top-tier links from the world’s leading publications meaning that we can deliver an outstanding amount of coverage for every campaign we run.

Each data-driven campaign is created using primary data that we collate. Meaning that we provide information and insight that hasn’t been reported on before. Our team of experts skillfully turns these numbers into news stories that journalists crave.
We have a strong reputation for growing brands fast by delivering services at scale. Having built brands from the ground up ourselves using largely inbound marketing techniques we know better than most what it takes to run a successful marketing campaign and a successful brand.

We do more than just talk the talk, we build and grow successful brands at scale.

Who We Are