Internal Linking

Internal linking is the forgotten hero of SEO. It’s an essential part of an SEO strategy but is often overlooked. Not least because it’s a time consuming exercise.

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As SEOs, the main reason we care is that internal links pass link equity acquired from backlinks throughout your website.

This link equity carries topical relevance and authority around your site and is one of the signals that search engines use to determine where a page ranks in the SERPs. An internal link can have a similar effect to a backlink and you are in control!

The benefits are hard to ignore and essential for success.

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The Process

Internal linking is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Leave it to us to get the internal linking structure of your site right, building topical relevance and driving more traffic to your blog.

Onboarding Call

We believe that you can’t understand the true motivation of a person and their goals over a couple of emails.

This is why for every new project we take on, we arrange an onboarding call with our team to talk about your plan for growing your site or portfolio. Our team will provide valuable input that you won’t get for free anywhere else.

Our customers tell us that the ‘free’ consultancy which comes as part of what we do is where the true value lies. We want you to find success and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

Establishing Topical Relevance

By linking similar articles together we create topic clusters. Topical clusters help enhance the topical relevance of your site. Search Engines look at different signals to determine if your website and pages are relevant for a certain query.

One way you can demonstrate relevance is by linking related pages together. This reinforces to search engines the topic on any given page using signals such as the relevance of pages and anchor text.

In cases where we can’t find an exact match article to link together, we’ll do our best to find an article that is topically the nearest match.

Choosing Anchor Text

We will aim to provide 3-5 internal links to any page on your site. 2-3 of these anchors will generally be an exact match of the keyword we are targeting, whilst the others will use a topically relevant or ‘secondary’ keyword.

You can be more aggressive with exact match anchors for internal linking when compared to external link building so we take advantage of this.

If you’d prefer a different strategy, let us know and we’ll be happy to follow your guidelines.

Keeping the link juice flowing

Link equity (also known as link juice) is the authority passed along to a page when it receives a link from another site.

This link equity can be passed around your entire site using internal linking instead of stopping at that one page. This is why we aim to avoid ‘orphaned pages’. Orphaned pages are pages on your site that have no internal links pointing at them. These orphaned pages will never receive the benefits of any link equity you have built up on your site.

Existing or New Content

For a small additional charge, you can add internal linking to any content order placed on Niche Website Builders. In this instance, we’ll make sure that any article we create for you is not orphaned.

If you’d like us to carry out internal linking for your entire site (maybe you’ve neglected internal linking in the past or never done it) then we can implement a strategy at a cost per article.

The minimum number of articles your site can have to make use of this service is 50. We find that with less than 50 articles it can be hard to find relevant enough articles to link together.

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Why Make Lemonade?

Hands-On Experience

Make Lemonade was created by content publishers, for content publishers.

We have experience running our own successful website portfolios selling multiple sites for six figures. Furthermore, we encourage every member of staff at Make Lemonade to build their own content sites and provide them with everything they need to be successful.

This helps proliferate knowledge in every corner of the business. We literally live and breathe building content sites.

Experienced Content Creators

We are experienced content creators. We know how to structure topical silos for effective SEO results.

We’ve repeated this process on hundreds of sites and been able to see first hand the benefits this brings to a content site. 

That’s why we created a service specifically for internal linking. An essential part to any site structure but often overlooked we’ll take the hard work off your hands.

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Invaluable Service!

I didn’t realize how much I needed ‘Make Lemonade’ until I started using you.

Adrienne Carrie


Working with Make Lemonade allowed me to achieve something I could never have achieved on my own

Clif Bridegum


Make Lemonade is just better!

Adrienne Carrie

Rocket Fuel

Working with Make Lemonade is like rocket fuel

Anthony Maritato

Incredibly well-thought-out!

Make Lemonade’s content was incredibly well-thought-out. They use a great template and everything was uploaded without any fuss. Best of all, their articles started ranking quickly, getting some results early.

I’ll definitely be using their content again. I’m a bit of a control freak with keyword research… okay, a lot of a control freak… but their content and processes were so good that I’d even consider letting them take the reins on that too!

Vince Massara


Make Lemonade have thought of everything!

Sammie Ellard-King

Everything I hoped for!

My experience working with Make Lemonade has been exactly what I had hoped for in working with a content agency! I worked closely with Adam to identify keywords and articles that were the right fit for my site.

He was incredibly responsive, went above and beyond with the work, and most importantly, the content itself was fantastic and I immediately saw an increase in google rankings and organic traffic.

Outsourcing the content production has allowed me to fully focus on outreach, promotion, and building the business.

Richmond Howard

Great Experience!

I’ve had a great experience working with Make Lemonade as Adam and Mark have been very responsive to all my questions and concerns from the start. The quality of articles have been great and it’s been amazing for my content budget. I would 100% recommend using their services.

Sam Choi

Really Kind!

Everyone at Make Lemonade is really kind, it’s just been a nice experience

Adrienne Carrie

Great Service!

Finding good writers that follow instructions has been impossible for me, until I signed up for Make Lemonade. I’ve only been with them for a month, and see myself using their services long term.

I am quite picky, but Adam has worked with my requirements, and even got on a Skype call to help me figure out a few things. And when I asked if it’s possible to use WP instead of the Thrive templates they use, he took some time and figured out a way to make it work.

GREAT service and AMAZING customer service. I’m looking forward to some sweet results.

Adriana Copaceanu


Make Lemonade always takes the time to look in to my site and give me pointers which you don’t really get anywhere else unless you’re paying astronomical amounts of money.

Sammie Ellard-King


The Make Lemonade team is fantastic!

Clif Bridegum


Make Lemonade makes everything easy!

Adrienne Carrie

Highest Level Service

Make Lemonade is the highest level service that I’ve ever tried.

Anthony Maritato

Thank you!

I can’t thank the Make Lemonade team enough.

Sammie Ellard-King

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Internal Linking Service

A key component for a successful website.

Enter the number of posts that require internal linking in the quantity box in the cart.

The Juice – Enter the number of posts that require internal linking in the cart


Per Page

  • No more orphaned pages

  • Improved topical relevance

  • Pass link juice around your site

  • Anchor text selection

  • Keep readers on your site longer

  • Help Google index your site

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Frequently asked questions

Will you follow my preferred internal linking strategy?

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Sure! Just let us know your strategy and we’ll be happy to follow your guidelines.

What’s your internal linking strategy?

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We link similar articles together creating topical clusters. Topical clusters help enhance the topical relevance of your site. In cases where we can’t find the perfect article to link together, we’ll do our best to find an article that is topically the nearest match.

We will aim to provide 3-5 internal links to any page on your site. 2-3 of these anchors will generally be an exact match of the keyword we are targeting, whilst the others will use a topically relevant or ‘secondary’ keyword.

How long will my internal linking take?

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If you are adding internal linking to a content order then the internal linking will be completed shortly after the content has been uploaded to your website.

If you are ordering internal linking for the pages of an existing site then this depends on the number of pages that need work and we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate at the time of your order.

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Need internal linking support?

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