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Our pool of carefully vetted investors are ready to deploy their capital in high-growth assets like yours.

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Limited Time Offer – 50% Off Brokerage Fee

For a limited time only we are offering a 50% discount on our brokerage fee for anyone who lists their website in the Make Lemonade Marketplace.

This ultra low offer means that when your website sells. You keep more of the profits.

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Sell your business fast!

If your business is making more than $200 per month, is at least 12 months old and targets an English speaking audience then submit it for a valuation today!

Good businesses sell fast on the Mark Lemonade Marketplace.

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Benefits for Sellers

  • Get maximum value
    • We have a very deep understanding of valuing online content businesses to show it in the best light and articulate the true opportunity available to a buyer. Combine that with our pool of vetted buyers looking for high quality content businesses and that’s the perfect mix to ensure you get the maximum value for your business.
  • Detailed listing writeups
    • We compose highly detailed write-ups for each business listing to provide in-depth information for any potential buyers. This helps to highlight the strengths and opportunities your business offers, making it more attractive to buyers.
  • Low Brokerage
    • We have a blended brokerage structure starting only at 7%. Many other marketplaces charge upwards of 15%. We offer a more comprehensive service at a lower price meaning you get to keep more of the sale price.
  • Our Commission Structure
    • $0 – $749,999 – 7% flat fee
      $750,000 – $5,000,000 – 5% (on the amount above $750,000)
      $5,000,001 and above – 2.5%  (on the amount above $5m)
    • (*Please note that an additional 0.50% fee will be charged when the deal is done)
  • Negotiation & Communication
    • We handle all inquiries and offers on your behalf. We only send you the offers which are genuine and reasonable.
  • Partnership
    • We hold buyer funds in an account ensuring you have the critical protection you need when selling an online business.
  • Full migration
    • Once the asset purchase agreement is signed and the funds are secured, our in-house migration team will handle every aspect of transferring the business to you. Rest assured, we will make the process smooth and simple.
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How it works

Sell your business with ease and peace of mind with Make Lemonades fully managed marketplace.

Simply provide us with detailed information about your business through our easy-to-use form, and we’ll handle the rest. If information is provided promptly then the listing will be live less than a week from your initial submission.


Submit your site

Fill in the submission form with some basic details about your site


First pass evaluation

We’ll do an initial evaluation of your site to determine if it’s a good fit for the Make Lemonade marketplace


Information Request

If your site passes the initial evaluation then we’ll send you a form to provide further information about the site


Due Diligence

We will carry out detailed due diligence on the site to ensure that the business is healthy and credible



If the due diligence process meets our quality standards, we’ll provide a fair valuation of your site and send it over to you for approval


Exclusivity Agreement

If you’re happy with the valuation, sign the exclusivity agreement and compit to give us 45 days exclusivity on finding a buyer for your business


Your site is listed

Your listing is live and we notify our audience that your business is for sale. Let the offers start rolling in!


You’ve sold your site!

Once the site is sold, we’ve received funds in the and an Asset Purchase Agreement has been signed we will help you transfer your site to the new owner



Our migration team will help you transfer all the business assets


Inspection Period

Once you gain ownership of all the business assets, we will initiate the inspection period. During this inspection period, you can inspect all aspects of the business as per your processes.


Time to get paid!

Once the inspection period is over, funds will be released from the account into your bank account. Congratulations!

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Sellers FAQ

What are the fees for selling a business on your marketplace?

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We do not charge a listing fee. We only charge a commission if we successfully sell your business.

Our Commission Structure is as follows:

$0 – $749,999 – 7% flat fee
$750,000 – $5,000,000 – 5% (on the amount above $750,000)
$5,000,001 and above – 2.5% (on the amount above $5m)

(*Please note that an additional 0.50% fee will be charged when the deal is done)

What do you require from my end to list my business?

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You will be required to give us the following information for your listing:

#1 – URL

#2 – Profit & loss statement

#3 – Access to GA & GSC

#4 – Income Proof

#5 – Personal information

#6 – How the site is monetized

#7 – Effort and skills required to run your business

How do you finalise a price for a business?

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The price of the business is determined by our vetting process. We consider a variety of factors such as traffic trends, revenue trends, content quality, backlink quality, niche analysis, and so on.

Using our vetting process we come up with a fair monthly average revenue and a multiple that reflects the quality of the business. The valuation is then simply calculated as follows:

Average monthly revenue * multiple = valuation

Who handles the migration?

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Make Lemonade will handle the entire migration process. This is completely hands-off for both buyer and seller.

Can I list my business on other marketplaces concurrently?

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Unfortunately no, we require you to list your business exclusively with us for at least a period of 45 days. We invest a significant amount of time, energy and effort in finding potential buyers and guiding them through the purchase process. It’s crucial that once the buyers are done with their due diligence process, the businesses are still available for sale.

What happens if my business doesn’t sell?

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We make every effort to find a buyer for your business in the 45 day exclusivity period and potentially find you multiple buyers for your business. However, sometime it takes a little longer or may not even sell at all. You can continue to list your business with Make Lemonade and we’ll continue to work on finding you a buyer or if you choose, you are free to list the site elsewhere.You’ll need to let us know so that we can remove your listing from the Marketplace.

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Need help selling your business for the best price?

Let us guide you through it and make it a ‘lemon-squeezy’ experience

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