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Digital PR

How long do campaigns last?

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Each campaign lasts 1 quarter. For each campaign, we focus on one category or topic.

We analyze your site and identify the best opportunities and prioritize campaigns in order of the best opportunity.

Can you guarantee placements/links even if a campaign doesn’t go viral?

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Yes! Our thought leadership content campaign can guarantee placements even if the data asset doesn’t ‘go viral’. We have multiple methods and contacts in the industry to guarantee a certain benchmark.

Can Digital PR work for taboo subject industries?

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Absolutely! Sometimes these more taboo subjects do even better, purely because it’s less competitive when pitching these stories to a journalist.

Do you publish the campaigns on my website?

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Yes. The data piece is summarised on-site in a small or long-form visual article dependent on the package.

Do you pay for links?

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No. All our links are earned placements.


Do you use AI content writers?

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No! All our content is written by humans for humans. Despite the developments in AI content, through our own experiments, human content still produces more relevant content and better results.

Are your team native English speakers?

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Yes! All our team members are native English speakers.

Can I approve which articles are written?

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Yes! We involve you every step of the way including during the keyword research phase. We will not write any content unless you’ve signed off on the plan.

Can you do the internal linking?

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Yes, this is available as an optional extra. You can either take care of the internal linking yourself or have us do it for you for a small additional fee.

Can you write about my industry?

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We have a highly trained team of journalists, creative writers and English literature professionals. Our team is trained to research articles to ensure they are covering all the important topics.

Our team is made up of expert researchers. If a topic is researchable then we can write about it. If you are looking for an industry thought leader to write content not yet in the public domain, then it’s unlikely that we’ll have the specialist writer you need.

Can I use the same writer for all my projects?

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Yes! If you particularly like content produced by one of our writers then you can request that the same person writes all of your content going forward.

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