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We offer comprehensive due diligence, fair valuations, a 70% revenue threshold and a 14-day inspection period.

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Benefits for Buyers

  • Assistance in deal scouting
    • We will assist you in scouting the right deal on our marketplace that falls in line with your goals and investment budget.
  • Detailed Due Diligence
    • Every listing we publish goes through a thorough a stringent due diligence process. We also provide a detailed analysis of all the key success factors. This means that you can buy your new business with confidence.
  • Full legal support
    • Don’t worry about the legalities of the deal – we’ve got you covered. Our team will draft and execute all necessary legal documents electronically.
  • 14-Day Inspection Period
    • Once you sign the Asset Purchase Agreement and send the funds to Account, you’ll have 14 days to conduct a thorough inspection of the business and ask questions of the Make Lemonade team and the seller.
  • 70% Revenue Threshold
    • We have the industry’s highest revenue threshold. If the business you buy doesn’t make at least 70% of its prorated average monthly revenue during the inspection period – You have the option to void the deal at no extra cost.
  • Full migration
    • Once the Asset Purchase Agreement is signed and the funds are secured, our in-house migrations team will handle every aspect of transferring the business to you. Rest assured, we will make the process smooth and simple.
  • Growth Plans
    • Make Lemonade has vast experience with the entire website investing lifecycle. We can help you put together a growth plan to take your newly purchased business to the next level. Schedule a call with one of our team to learn more.
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How it works


View the listings on the Make Lemonade marketplace

View the available listings on the Make Lemonade Marketplace. Register to be the first to know when new businesses are listed.


Onboarding call with our advisors

Schedule a call with one of our advisors. They will guide you in finding the right deal that meets your requirements.


Find your perfect match

Once you have found your perfect online business, let us know and we can provide any further details you require to make your decision such as proof of earnings and Google Analytics access. If the URL is private on the listing, you will need to sign an non-disclosure agreement to get access.



If you wish to move forward with the purchase of a business, pay the $1k non-refundable deposit to reserve your online business whilst you get your funds together.


Sign Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement will be drafted and sent to you via email for electronic signature.


Send funds

It’s time for you to send the funds to an account. The funds will be held in that account until after the inspection period.



Once we receive the funds in the account, our migration team will help you in migrating all the assets of the business. This process is completely hands-off.


14 Day inspection period

Once you gain ownership of all the business assets, we will begin the inspection period. During this inspection period, you can ask as many questions as you like and ensure that the business functions and performs as you expected.


Funds are released

The funds will be released to the seller after the inspection period ends with your approval.

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Buyers FAQ

Is signing an NDA required for viewing the businesses?

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If the seller wishes to keep the URL private then, yes you will be required to sign an NDA to get more information. This is done to protect the businesses on sale from new competition.

How do you vet the businesses & determine their price?

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The price of the business is determined by our vetting process. We consider a variety of factors such as traffic trends, revenue trends, content quality, backlink quality, niche analysis, and so on.

Using our vetting process we come up with a fair monthly average revenue and a multiple that reflects the quality of the business. The valuation is then simply calculated as follows:

Average monthly revenue * multiple = valuation

Are the prices negotiable?

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Yes, in most cases they are negotiable. You can always place an offer on a business and then let the seller decide. However, be aware that the seller may receive multiple offers.

Who handles the migration?

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Make Lemonade will handle the entire migration process. This is completely hands-off for both buyer and seller.

Which legal documents or contracts are mandatory for the process?

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You will need to sign two documents when you are planning to buy a business from us.

1. NDA (Non-disclousre agreement)  – To gain full access to a listing if the seller wishes the URL to remain private. 

2. APA (Asset Purchase Agreement) – When you buy the business.

What level of support and communication can be expected from the seller post-purchase?

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This would be clearly stated on the listing page for each deal. However, most sellers provide 30 days of support on average.

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