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What is our affiliate program?

Our public affiliate program is available to everyone with an audience or platform to promote the services that you love. You can earn commission on referrals by offering discounts to your network, safe in the knowledge that you are referring expert industry leading services.

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How It Works

Get paid monthly for promoting Make Lemonade’s products to your audience, family and friends.

Make enough referrals consistently to move up to a higher tier and double your commission overnight and receive other benefits.

Earn Commission

Refer customers to Make Lemonade and earn commission on every sale. This includes commission on recurring subscriptions.

Advance Through the Tiers

Move up through the Make Lemonade affiliate tiers and gain access to higher commission rates.

Special Promotions

Opportunity to take part in Make Lemonade promotions and at the Champion level or above get exclusive offers for your audience.


Friendly advice and support from the Partner Success Team.

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At the first tier of the Make Lemonade affiliate program, you can earn a 5% commission on a range of Make Lemonade products. (Capped at $250 per product)

Not only that, but affiliates also earn recurring commissions through any subscription products they sell.

Become a top earner through the program and you’ll be able to move up to Tier 2.


Once you earn $1.5k in commission for 3 consecutive months, you’ll be promoted up to a Tier 2 affiliate and enjoy extra benefits.

Your commission rate will increase to 10% for both existing subscriptions and new sign ups, instantly turning your $1.5k recurring commission into $3k.

You’ll get your own private landing page and access to a range of coupons to entice customers with some fantastic discounts.

The Make Lemonade partner success team will invite you to take part in promotional activities.

This could include shared marketing opportunities or participation in our “Exclusive Promo Week”, where for one week you’ll get access to a special set of discount coupons, exclusive to only you offering your audience the best deal on the web for that week. This will be supported with marketing materials and help from the Make Lemonade team.

What happens next?

  • Fill in the form to submit your application
  • Wait for your application to be approved
  • Once approved, login to the affiliate area
  • Setup and share your referral links to our products
  • Earn Commission on every sale you refer
  • Refer enough and be invited to our higher tier “Influencer” Program

Please note:
Applications will be reviewed by the Make Lemonade partner success team. Please include any social media accounts, email database sizes, and any other relevant information in the “How will you promote us” section. You will receive an email once your application has been reviewed. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Make Lemonade may contact you to further discuss your application. Use of PPC to promote your affiliate links is strictly prohibited. Strictly no spamming social channels or communities with your affiliate link. Make Lemonade reserves the right to terminate your affiliate status in accordance with the Terms and Conditions

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